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Question Lighting problem

Two days ago I replaced a bulb holder in a bedroom (circuit 1) and re-wired two outside lights where I had my Christmas tree lights connected (circuit 2). The circuit with the outside lights is fine. But, none of the lights on circuit 1 work now. It happened gradually,over last two days. First they were dim for few seconds when switched on, and then would be switched on for few second before lighting up, now nothing happens at all. The fuse is ok, the bulbs are ok, and I have no idea what Iím looking for. There are 3 standard light fitting and 4 halogen lights on the circuit. Any ideas what could be wrong or where I should look for the problem?


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What do you mean by bulb holder?

My guess is that you have a loose connection somewhere. I would start by looking at your recent repair work. Make wire that all connections are correct, sound, and tight.
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A standard light fitting.

I checked repair work, still nothing. Is it possible for wires in the main fuse box to break with age maybe?

Thanks for your help.
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Lights need a neutral to go back to the panel or they won't work, even though the "hot" is, well, hot. I've seen a neutral in the panel on the neutral bar become loose, the plugs on the ckt worked, but the lights didn't i'd check in the panel for any loose neutrals too.
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Thumbs up problem solved....kind of!

Iíve discovered the problem and fixed it. A live wire in the main fuse box melted/burned. Iím not sure what caused it so Iím going to get electrician to check it out. It seemed to have been happening for a few weeks and once I add to the load it finally broke.

Thanks for all the help.

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