Several circuit breakers and meters at well


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Several circuit breakers and meters at well

I have a well that up to five pepople will eventually be using and shareing. Presetly there is only one circuitbreaker and meter.What is the best way to install a box and meter for each person so each one will have their own power to the well. If several circuit breakers are used how can you seperate them as to power usage and how will the pump know when two or more are turning the pump on and off at the same time? Is this even possible? Also if there are several breaker boxes and each locked whats to keep one idiot from tring t bypass or break into other boxes to turn them on or off ? I know I can call the cops if this happens but surely there must be better security for it. I only mention this because there is one of the people sharing that will most certainly try some shenanagins. Yes..I know I could kill him too but thats a bit drastic ..LOL
Thanks ...for the help
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It would be a lot easier to install a water meter in each line a charge by gallon or by 100 gallons.
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I can't see how this could ever be possible; to have several different breakers, each metered, feeding the same load???

I agree with wither the water meters, or a water surcharge, or just including water in the rent.
IMO a shared well is a bad idea, but unavoidable in some places. I have rented with shared water but it was included in the rent.
Maybe an allowance for each person living there. The more people in an apartment the more the water surcharge is.
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I agree, metering this would be almost impossible, when you can get the power company to give you the last year's monthly usage on the well and use that for a guide plus a bump for repairs, regular maintenance, filters, etc. For self protection, I would install a pressure tank and check valve. where the water enters my residence. If you don't and everyone decides to shower at 9pm, your pressure will be zilch
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Thanks guys....Figured it was not feasable to meter each home at the well. I agree that it is a bad idea but necessary in my case unless I want to drill another well at about $8000...Hmmm....might be cheaper to just k..... naww guess not...

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