Mixing receptacles and lights on same circuit

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Mixing receptacles and lights on same circuit

I am wiring an additon to my home myself. About 200 sq feet.

I already had some low-level experince, but I read Rex Cauldwells book on Wiring a House to get more guidance. My questions pertain to wire gauge and circuits for bedrooms.

I took a suggestion from the book to use 12 ga for all receptacle circuits and 14 for lighting. However, I recently became concerned that I may have misinterpreted part. I combined the 12 ga receptacles and the 14 gauge wiring for each bedroom onto a single circuit. I have 4 bedrooms and am planning 4 circuits for those.


1. Are lights and receptacles poermitted onthe same circuit?

2. Am I permitted to combine as I did?

3. If yes, is the circuit permitted to be 20 amp, or am I limited to 15 amp due to the 14 gauge on the circuit?

thank you

Dale Wheeler
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1. Yes

2. It depends on the circuit breaker you used. Even if okay, it's a bad idea.

3. If you used a 15 amp breaker you are okay, if you used a 20 amp breaker you are NOT okay.

The problem with mixing wire gage on a circuit is that someone later on (and it could be you) might not realize that there is 14 gage further down the circuit and might increase the breaker to 20 amps.
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And yes, you did misinterpret the book. He did not intend to suggest that you use #12 and #14 on the same circuit.

I assume you are using AFCI in the bedrooms, right?

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