feeder breaker size in 200amp service


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feeder breaker size in 200amp service

My utility requires the meter box on my pole which is 150 feet away from the house to have the main disconnect breaker and a feeder breaker to feed my subpanel. My load will not likely approach 175 amps and in fact will be closer to 150 amps with the planned additions to my system. What size breaker may I use as the feeder and also the main breaker in the subpanel in the house.
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not sure what your feeder is (what it is)

your main you might be best to go with 200A.
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The minimum you can use is 100A; typical sizes would be 100, 125, 150 or 200A. You can't guess at expected load; you need to perform a demand load calculation to determine the actual load requirement of the house. Search the Internet for the procedure or buy a home wiring book that explains the technique. The feeder wires between the pole panel and the house subpanel will also need to be sized to accomodate the demand load of the house and the voltage drop for 150 feet.

If I had to make a guess, I would say 200A service at the pole, 200A feeder breaker, #2/0 copper feeder with #4 copper ground (or #4/0 aluminum with #2 Al ground) feeding a 200A subpanel in the house. However, local rules that override National code are not uncommon with regard to service feeders. Check with your inspector or power company engineer to get the details.

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