Box fill question


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Box fill question

The question I have deals with a two outlet Carlon two gang box. Inside the box is some markings for various size wire. I'm using 12 AWG so the marking for me would be 10. Does this mean that 10 conductive wires would fit? For example...

Power in -> 2
3 way wire out -> 3
Power out -> 2
3 way wire in -> 3

So that would be 10.

Now add 1 for ground, plus 1 for built in clamps, plus 4 for the two switches.

That gives a total of 16.

16 * 2.25 is 36. The box is only 32 cubic inches. So, is this a box fill violation or am I missing something?

On a similar topic, I need a two gang box with more that 10 conductive wires. Would you use a 3 gang box and a cover/plate with room for two gangs? I don't remember seeing a cover/plate for a 3 gang box with 2 gang opening at HD or Lowes. Is this something I would have to get at an electrical supply store?

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Yes, that's a box fill violation.

If I needed a box with too many wires for the largest box available, I'd redesign the cable routing to reduce the wires. There's always a way to do it.

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