removed 1 3-way


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removed 1 3-way

i tore out a wall in my kitchen. on the wall i removed i had one 3-way that conected to another 3-way on an adjoining wall.the remaining 3-way that controls the ceiling fan light is next to another switch that controls the fan i have blk,brown,white;the white is conected to an orange traveler that runs from the 3-way to the fan switch.the fan switch is conected by a seperate blk and the orange do i connect these to work again-do i keep the 3-way
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It sounds like you had 3 switches controlling the light? If so, one of them was a 4 way switch and 2 were 3 way switches.

You should sketch out the circuit as it had to be, then you can figure where the actual wires you are dealing with fit in this schematic.
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removed 3-way

there were only two switches that controlled the ceiling fan light and one sperate switch that controlled the fan itself.i removed one that controlled the light
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Brown is not a normal color for cable, is this metal conduit in your home?

Did you remove any wires from the box that has the fan switch and 3-way when you removed the other 3-way?

How many cables or wires are in the box with the fan switch and what are the wire colors?

Do you have a voltage tester?

ADDED note: I am assuming here that the three way you removed only had one cable like 14/3 or conduit with 3 wires entering the box and that cable/conduit connected it to the other three way that is next to the fan switch.

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Your description does not make sense and I cannot determine the wiring from it.

However, to eliminate a three way switch, you simply remove the switch and then connect the common wire (on the odd colored screw terminal) to either of the traveler wires. The other traveler is just capped off.

In your case, you need to also remove the cable. If the cable to the three way switch is the only cable in the box it is easy to remove it. Just go to the first three way switch and pull th cable out (after disconnecting the wires). The two travelers connect to the traveler terminals on the switch and the common wire connects to another wire (or group of wires). Connect whatever the common wire was connected to to either of the traveler connections on the three way.
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How many wires were in the threeway box you removed? What color were they? What color was on the common screw? What color wires are attached to the existing threeway?
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