Splice into outlet for security light??


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Splice into outlet for security light??

I have regular outlet in my garage that I plug my low-voltage lighting system into. I wanted to see if I can splce into this box and make one of the outlets a switch to turn the security light (hard wired)that I want to install on/off if I need to. First of all can this be done from the same box? I curently do not have a security light installed and want to put one in and thats the closest outlet without running new wire from the panel. I am new to this sort of thing so Im not sure what is the best thing to do. Any help would be appreciated...
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What else is on this circuit? That will answer the question of whether or not this can be done according to code.

If it can be done, then you should not try to replace a receptacle with a switch, but simply run a cable from the receptacle to a location for a switch, and then to the location for the light. This way you donít lose a receptacle and you can position the switch where it belongs.

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