switch ground


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switch ground

i just installed a new light on basement stairs with 2-3way switches...everything went fine,just when i turned the breaker back on,it immediately tripped...i took both switches out of the boxes and turned breaker back on and all works fine...the only thing i found was the ground screw was making contact on the metal box...the cable is armored cable and no ground,so the ground screw isnt used on the switch,could this screw still cause the breaker to trip...i put switches back in a made sure ground screws were tightened into the switch and space between screw and box and all is fine now....
also just a stupid question,but want to make sure.....the bonding wire on the armored cable i wrap it around the outside ac cable neatly....i noticed the work my electrician did when he rewired my house ,he just sort of let the strip hang over the cable...i think i read on here thats so the inspector sees it ...i did it the neat way,but either way it should serve it purpose,?
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The ground screw was not making contact with the box, one of the hot screws was. If it';s tight in the boxes, some people suggest placing a piece of electrical tape across the screw terminals.

Unless the switches are self grounding, they need to be grounded by a wire from the back of the metal box to the ground screw on the switch.
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thanks ra...i put tle electrical tape just now to make sure no problems...question on telling if the switches are grounded...it didnt dee anything on any switches or outlets in hd,or lowes here about self grounding...i check all my outlets with an 3 light circuit tested and they all say correct...most outlets were done in renovations a few years back by electrician,and some i changed the colors after painting etc,and nothing has outlet or switch ground to box....is there a way i can chaek to see if switches are grounded properly...if i need a multi meter should i buy digital or one with a needle...thanks

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