Convenience Swith

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Convenience Swith

I am trying to add a "convenience" switch in my attic. Basically what I currently have is a in-line circuit with a standard 2 receptacle grounded outlet. What I want to do is to add a standard light switch which will feed power to two installed ceiling mounted light fixtures which will be controlled by this new switch.

I have tried every wiring combo possible. What I usually end up with is power at the receptacles (regardless of whether the toggle is in the off or on position), but the light bulbs don't come on and my power line tester says that power is to the receptacle.

I believe the correct wiring should be a pigtail (Black) from both the existing two outlet switch and the new switch tied together with the black wire going to the receptacles. The white and ground from the light fixtures fastened onto the toggle switch. This should work right? But it doesnt and I end up with the strange result above. Any advice would be appreciated.

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if the outlet is at the end of the line,i would place neutral wire under silver screw,and black wire under gold screw on outlet,then run up to the new switch box,attach black wire to 1st gold screw on switch and the another black wire from 2nd gold screw up to light fixture,and wire nut the neutrals together in the the switch box....and attach all grounds together basilcally what you do it run a line from the un used screws on the outlet to the light fixture and place a switch in between ,and use the switch to break the hot line,the neutral stays connected via wire nut....if all the screw terminals are used up on the outler,then you have to pigtail the feed to the light switch.....wait for other replies im just a homeowner,there is more experienced guys here who can give you 100 percent help...
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It was difficult to understand what you were describing. So let me just say this. You want to switch the hot and only the hot. In other words, a switch breaks the black wire, so you have a black on both screws of the switch (typically). the neutral wires (typically the white ones) don't go to the switch, they just tie together, same with the grounds, unless you need to ground the frame of the switches and the box (if metal.)

Was the power going to the switch first, or to the fixture first (in which case there is only one cable in the switch box, and you will have a black and a white on the switch)?

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