Old House-no ground


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Old House-no ground

I'm upgrading from a 60 amp fuse box to a 200 amp breaker box.
My existing branch circuit wiring is ungrounded.(1953 home) Of course,
any new circuits I install will be 2 or 3 wire w/ground, depending on the application.
When I hook up the old 2 wire ungrounded branch circuit wires to the new load center, will the inspector pass this? Is it okay to have these old wires running to the new service panel?(via a j-box, where I will wire nut the old 2 wire cable to new 2 wire romex, before it enters the new service panel)
What else could one do, short of rewiring the whole house with grounded cable?
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Upgrading the service without changing all the branch wiring is a very common upgrade. I can't imagine an inspector having a problem with this. Replacing all the internal wiring is usually cost prohibitive.
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Thanks John!!
I had this bad feeling, before I read your response, that you were gonna tell me that any time you upgrade, you have to upgrade all existing materials to code. What a relief.
I'd also like to thank all others on this forum for their quick, generous, unselfish responses. Don't know what I would do without you all...oh, yes I do...pay out the "ying yang" for all this professional advice. Thanks again!!
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You do not need to rewire all the branch circuits, they can remain two wire with no ground.

However, the new panel will need to be installed up to code. This means that it will need to be properly grounded.
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I second that. You have to take all the following in consideration:

-New MeterBox if it is not a 200 Amp MeterBox. In MI Burial Lines are typically 200 Amp, Aerial MeterBox will need to be replaced most likely.

-New Drip loop if its Aerial.

-New Service Entrance Line from Panel Board to MeterBox.

-Run at least two new Ground Rods into earth, but preferably more. Make sure they arent just next to each other.

-Run a ground to the Rods

-Run a ground to the Water Meter Entrance, then jump from before the meter to after the meter.

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