Static noise in radio


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Rick Hagen
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Static noise in radio

I recently built and wired a new workshop. This may seem petty but I love everything except I get really bad static noise (backround noise when playing the radio) when I turn on my lights. I have all the lights (flouresent) on a seperate circuit from any outlet circuit. The panel is brand new running directly from the utility pole. Any thoughts or ideas would greatly be appreciated.
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Unfortunately this is quite common. It is especially troublesome with AM radio stations and with radios without an external antenna.

Suggestions include different lights, moving the radio, listening to different stations.
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I work for a utility, so I hesitate to say this.
But often, radio interference is from loose connections on the utility's equipment. One way to check this is to get in your car (external to your new wiring obviously) and drive around the neighborhood after turning off the main in your new addition. If the noise on your car's AM radio get's worse around your house, it might be the utility.

We have equipment for locating sources of RIF (radio interference), so your utility might also.
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Dimmer switches, especially older ones, are prone to causing interference.
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It could also be a marginal ground connection in a fluorescent light fixture or the ballast. Try turning off a light at a time (pull the lamps) and see if it stops.

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