Breaker Box Affecting Computer Monitors


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Breaker Box Affecting Computer Monitors

At a business,we added a room which had an existing breaker box. A computer on the other side of the wall from the box and two in the new room with it are all experiencing jittery computer monitors. What can we do about it, and are there any health issues as well? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Move the monitors. It's called electromagnetic (em) radiation and there is not much you can do about it.
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You really only have two options:

1) Move the monitors to a different location.
2) Replace them with digital flat panel monitors which could require new video cards too. Flat panels driven on an analog signal could still be disrupted by the EMI from the electrical service. This still might not entirely solve the problem, but it is the only thing to try other than moving the monitors.

There are no health issues that I know of with regard to electromagnetic fields that you would find in a business or residence. You'll get the same interference near any large electrical current such as breaker boxes or industrial motors and machines.
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Before you do that change the Hz in the display to a higher frequency such as 85 or 95 or even higher if you need to. (for example if you are at 1024x768 60hz right now, change it to 1024x768 85hz) We have a lot of computer equipment in an 12x25 room right by the panel and we have no problems if we are at 85 or above (anything less we get wooblyness).


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