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I recently bought a used MFG. home built in '01. The inspection report said that the "60 amp breaker is doubled up" what did he mean and what do I need to do to fix it? I am not asking for step by step just basic info. Also what does it serve to install a 200amp breaker?
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Since you paid for an inspection report, you really should ask the person who generated the report. You are paying them for a service, you should get what you paid for.

When a breaker is doubled up it means that two connections have been made through it.

Generally this term is used when talking about fuses in older houses. People add new circuits but have no where to connect them, so they connect them to an existing fuse, doubling up the connections on the fuse.

In your case I can only imagine that someone has added a second connection to the incoming 60 amp service, probably because they were too cheap to pay to have the incoming service upgraded to a larger size.

Ideally you should fix this as part of the purchase. Make an upgrade to the service part of the purchase offer. Then you won't be paying directly for the work, and you will bring it to the attention of the seller. Not so much that the seller becomes aware of it (he or she probably created the situation), but rather so that he or she knows that you are aware of it.

The fix is to upgrade the incoming service to a larger size. Either 100 or 200 amps, depending on your needs and the existing setup. This might involve replacing one of the panels with a larger panel and running the second panel as a sub panel, or you may be able to leave both the panels intact and just increase the incoming service size.

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