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I currently have a switch and outlet in the same receptle, one switch, one outlet in the same box. Two hot wires are connected to the outlet, and one netrual. I'd like to change this to a regualar double outlet and i know that usually that its only 1 hot, 1 neutral to the outlet, anyone have any ideas on what to do with this extra live wire?
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The "extra" black wire is probably the feed to the light, from the switch.
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Are you talking about a combo switch/receptacle, both in one package in a single-gang box? Or are you talking about a double-gang box with a separate switch and receptacle?

What does the switch control? And do you intend to remove that, or make it unswitched?
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From dsanders via PM:
It,s a combo switch/outlet in the same receptacle, except that, the switch does not control the outlet, im not sure what it controls. What i'd like to do is just change the switch/outlet to a regular double outlet but im not sure what to do with the spare black.
Post back if you're still around. You replied in PM, which loses the context, so it took me a while to find your post again.

Don't you think you should figure out what the switch controls before you remove it?

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