Ceiling Fan Removal Question


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Ceiling Fan Removal Question

I have a Hampton Bay ceiling fan that I would like to relocate to another room. It has a metal shroud over the base of the fan that covers the swivel mechanism and butts up to the ceiling. How do I loosen and remove this? Does it twist or do I just tug downward on it?

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There are usually screws on the side of the shroud holding it in place. Sometimes you have to remove them, but, with some setups, you can just loosen the screws and then turn the shroud to release it from the screws, allowing it to drop out of the way.

Remember...as you undo the electrical connections...PAY ATTENTION to how things are connected. Take pictures of the connections or at least write down what wires are connected together. You may have multiple cables coming into the box, so don't disconnect anything that is not connected to the fan.
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There are no screws on the shroud.

Think of a ribbed bowl, butted up against the ceiling with the swivel arm of the fan coming out the bottom.

There is nothing to loosen or unscrew.
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Try looking on the bottom of the bowl near the rod.
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My same brand fan has the rod and the shroud with a set-screw tightened at the bottom of the bowl against the rod. Hope this helps.
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Some of the older fans have a plastic band that sits around the top 5/8 inch or so of the cover and against the ceiling. If this is there it really looks like a part of the metal cover as it fits pretty snug. If there's a band at the top of the cover, see if it will twist - CCW if memory serves (which it doesn't always any more) about 3/8 inch or so then it will pull down exposing the screws at the top.

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itsunclebill was dead right.

What looks like one metal shroud is actually 2 pieces. The top band turns clockwise just a small amount and then drops to expose the screws.

Thanks everyone.

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