Is there a way to wire a plug from the3-way switch?


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Is there a way to wire a plug from the3-way switch?

If I have the power going to my SW1 junction box.

SW1 includes includes:
one 14/2 wire which is the power source
one 14/3 wire which goes to the second 3-way switch at the top of the stairs or SW2.

Is there a way to wire a plug at the end of this circuit?

It is easier to have the power going to SW1 Junction box. But I dont want to use one whole circuit just for this 3 way switch. Instead I would like to continue the circuit from the upstairs light fixture to a plug.

As always , I thank you for your help.
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Yes and No

You dont have a neutral at the second 3- way switch box so you cant add a receptacle the way it is now from SW2.

You have a couple options....take the power cable to the other switch box or run a 14/2 Grd out of the box with incoming power in the current configuration to the receptacle or receptacles.

Your wiring scheme suggests that you have your cable to the light at SW1 if so then I would just run a cable out of Sw1 to receptacle.
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Your post is unclear, but I believe that Roger has mis-interpreted what you have.

You say that you have power to switch 1, then 14-3 to switch 2. What after that? I am assuming 14-2 to the light.

If I am correct, then you do not have unswitched power at switch 2 or at the light.

To get unswitched power at switch 2, you will need to run 14-4 or 14-2-2 between the switches. To then get this unswitched power to the light you will need 14-3 to the light. 14-4 or 14-2-2 is not readily available at most big box stores, so you may not be able to easily find it.

You would be better off running 14-2 from switch 1 (in addition to the other wires) to where you want your receptacle.
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Bob may be right I understood you to have the cable to the light at SW1 and a three wire dead end at the other 3-way in SW2.
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either way remember there are certain restrictions on mixing power and lighting. is this outlet for general use thats fine. but if this outlet is for some type of aplliance fastened or not in place you have to adhere to 210.21(B)(2) and 210.23(A)(1)and(2)
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There is no way to have unswitched power after SW2. You might be able to have a switched power after SW2.
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Thank you again. You are greatly! appreciated.

THe 14/3 wire goes from SW1 to SW2 and from SW2 there is a 14/2 wire going to the light JB.

I will take your advice and run a new 14/2 wire from the power source in SW1 to the recepticle plug or find another power source to feed this receptical.
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Or you could take the power to the receptacle first, then feed SW1 after the receptacle.

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