Number of wires under one Nut?


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Number of wires under one Nut?

Iíve got an older bathroom with the ubiquitous junction box in the ceiling (accessed from the attic). One line in from the breaker feeds all the associated circuits, hence I had a couple of extra large (grey) wire nuts that tied together five 12g wires each (hot and neutral). This concerned me a bit because Iíve always stuck to a max of four per nut with 12g.

With a remodel I now have the need to tie in one more circuit; so thatís two 6 wire connections. Tying them 3 by 3 with a pigtail between sounds kind of silly, but what other configurations would work? My box is 4.75 x 4.75, so anything too fancy might get a little tight.

Is there another type of connector for this purpose?

Thanks for the help,
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Check the wire nut's rating

Check the capacity of the wire nut by looking at the list on the package. If the grey wire nut you have is a Buchanon B-cap B-4 it will connect 6 #12 wires quite safely. The grey buchanon wire nuts are listed for that combination of wires.
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I have a similar circuit I'm setting up right now. I had found four sets of wires to be a pain in the other boxes, so I wanted to avoid doing a five wire box (1 in, 4 out). Instead, I was just going to do a three wire box (1 in, 2 out), with one of those going to a 4 wire box (1 in, 3 out). I figured this leaves room if I want to add another light, etc... Is this OK?
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With the correct nuts - I'm gonna give it a shot.

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