FYI: Total cost for 200AMP upgrade in NJ


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FYI: Total cost for 200AMP upgrade in NJ

I know people are always asking questions about the service upgrade price so I figured I would post how much I paid (and for what). For $2250 (no tax), these items were installed:

1. New servicehead and conduit (elect. PVC)
2. New Copper Service Drop line
3. New meter pan
4. Two, 8ft copper-plated steel ground rods
5. New Square D 40 space panel (QO series)
6. New (matching) QO breakers - five 15 AMPS, four 20 AMPS and One 40 AMPS
7. New #6 ground wire (approx. 90 ft), connected to the water meter
8. New bonding ground wires by the water heater

It took my electrician approximately 8 hours working with a junior apprentice while it was 36 degrees outside.

Few more things to keep in mind before hiring an electrician:

1. Get what you want in writing
2. Get at least 3 quotes (don't be pressured into signing any agreements the first time you meet with an electrician)
3. Don't make decisions solely on price. Try to judge his/her character, etc.
4. Ask to pay 1/3 for deposit, 1/3 upon work completion, and 1/3 upon final inspection approval

I know the parts aren't that expensive (I think the panel is about $200 bucks at the home center), but I gotta tell ya, it was money well spent! There is no way I was going to risk pulling the meter and cutting the hot overhead services wires! Besides, he did a very thorough job.

If you live in NJ and you want my electrician's contact info, PM me.


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who told you parts are not expensive. everthing involved with construction and building materials has sky rocketed b/c of the hurricanes and residential boom. do you know what the price of copper has been lately. you explain the panel was 200 bucks. then you have the pan, wire,rods, pipe fittings extra breakers if nec. straps, gec clamps, live taps or bugs, pvc glue, gas lic. fees, ins, liability. i must ask you why a #6 gec to the water main and why 2 rods?

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sounds high

That sounds very high in price
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lol. I certainly didn't expect such divergent views to be expressed so quickly.


As far as #6 ground and two poles, can you clarify why you are asking? My township inspector told me what was required for me to pass the inspection and I related that information to my electrician.

I didn't mind paying the $ to my electrician, but since you are saying costs are high, can you tell me what your total cost would be for the materials?
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well around by me based on 250.66 for a 200 amp service going to the primary grounding electrode which is the water main that would require #4 copper. the rod is a supplementary electrode and treated as a bonding jumper so based on 250.53(E) could be #6 copper. i guess they wanted two rods b/c of 250.56, the 25 ohm rule. i really cant comment on price w/o seeing job b/c of so many variables. normally around 1-2k.
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I agree wholly with Tach on the #4 to the water main. This is a no brainer.
The two rods are becoming more prevalent these days. Some inspectors request the ohm check, or in lieu of that, two rods.
If I do a service with a copper water main and #4 to it I only do one supplemental rod. If I do a job with a well and plastic pipe coming in I do two rods. In over 18 years in two areas of NY I have NEVER been asked for an ohm check on a ground rod.

From feedback on boards like this the price sounds about high average for much of NJ.
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Do inspectors come and inspect the upgrade usually or is that not required when using a licensed electrician?
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me and speedy petey in agreement. WOW. just kidding. i agree with you petey if water main available one rod, if plastic water main and no building steel or concrete-encased electrode avail then two rods or pipes or plates.
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Did PSEG have to run a new drop ? If so, did they charge you ? and how much ?

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IN Massachusetts, Thats a good price. (central to east) the more east, a GREAT DEAL!
Just try to find an area around here where you don't need 2 rods,Regardless of ohm readings!! GOOD LUCK!!!
And the smaller the town the worse they are.
Unfortunatly we just pass the costs on.

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