Ceiling fan wiring


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Ceiling fan wiring

I have been posting some questions on here and got alot of great information. Thanks. My next question is regarding a ceiling fan.

I have a circuit that has 8 outlets on it. After the 8th outlet I would like to continue on then put in a ceiling fan then the switch to turn it on. I would like for the rest of the outlets to remain hot all the time. Is this something that can be done? If so how?
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Yes, this is possible.

You continue the cable to the ceiling and then you run a switch loop to the switch. For the switch loop I recommend 14-3 or 12-3 (depending on the current wiring of the circuit), this way you can control the light and the fan separately. Even if you don;t have light there now, someone else might.

Make sure that this circuit is one you are allowed to extend (not a kitchen counter top or a bathroom circuit, for example).

I suggest that you purchase a book or two on home wiring. A decent book will explain the idea of a switch loop in detail, and will also help you understand why this won't effect the existing receptacles on your circuit.

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