Tone Generator recommendation


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Tone Generator recommendation

What are you pros using for tone generators? I've been using the Fox & Hound II, but haven't been very impressed with it. Often gets the job done, though.

We were at a Kingdom Hall build last year and another guy was using one (MIGHT have been a Greenlee?) that found outside boxes that had been covered with stucco. I was VERY impressed; no way would my Fox & Hound have been able to do it.

Also, on a similar note, I have the Ideal Circuit Breaker Identifier that comes with the receptacle tester. It HAS NEVER been able to ID a circuit breaker. It was $50 that was completely thrown away, which I would not have expected from Ideal. Did I just get a lemon. The Fox & Hound isn't designed for hot circuits, so I can't use it to ID breakers. What are you guys using?
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I have a Progressive 700C tone generator. It works fine for what it is intended.

I also have an Ideal breaker finder and it seems to work good.

Right now I can't justify a Greenlee/BEHA circuit tracer, at $300-$400. I just don't need one that bad.
I have used them in the past and they do work great.
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i have the ideal circuit finder and it works great. the plug end even has a gfi tester. i also have a progressive tone generator that works good. for once in awhile use a basic one is fine under 100 or even under $75. for the circuit finder i made some modifications to find circuits with just wires in a box with no outlet. i took the female end of an old extention cord and soldered on aligator clips so i can plug the tester into the cord and then clip on to a live tail i want to identify. i also carry a incandesecnt male thread to female outlet to plug in to identify a lighting circuit w/o taking apart the switch or light fixture.
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The Amprobe CT-326B is about the best I've used for tracing hands down. It will cost you around $900 bucks new though.
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What am I doing wring with my Ideal Circuit Breaker IDer? When I use the "squelch," I either get no tone on any breaker, or a tone on every breaker...

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