Front Light Fixture (Blows Fuses)


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Exclamation Front Light Fixture

Ok, everytime I attempt to turn on the light over my front door, I blow the fuse. What in the world is causing this and how do I fix it (cheaply)?????? Any information greatly appreciated and highly regarded...
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Question More Info Requested

Hello: TheHamilton3

I found your question posted in the electric appliances topic. However, based upon the very limited information provided and as I read the question, assumptions have to be made.

Based on what I read, the question may or may not apply to a kitchen appliance. May apply to the front door light of the house. Not exactly sure....

As a result, I moved your question here, into the electrical forum topic. If the question does pertain to a kitchen appliance, the electrical moderators can move it back into the electrical appliances topic.

In either case, would be very helpful to us, so we can help you, if you would kindly add far more detailed and specific information to the question. Doing so would help us help you. Thanks.

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We need more information.

The underlying problem is that turning the switch on connects a hot wire to either a ground wire or a neutral wire.

Did you just do something to the wiring, such as replace the fixture or replace the switch? Did this all of a sudden just happen on it's own?
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Question, Take II

Sorry, yes, this is the switch to the outdoor light above my front door. All was well and fine until one day we thought the lightbulb burnt out, so when we attempted to replace it, we flipped the switch and the entire fuse was blown.

I'm not terribly handy as far as electrical work goes, so my father looked at the switch and said he saw no shorts there, so it was most likely a short in the light fixture itself.

Should I assume that I need a new light? (I've already picked one up, at this point.) Is there somewhere I can find explicit instructions on how to do so?
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What you need to do is to examine the wiring at the switch and at the light. By disconnecting the light and the switch, and then testing the wires, you should be able to figure out where the problem is.

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