murry brakers in crous-hinds main pannel


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murry brakers in crous-hinds main pannel

I installed 20 new murry brakers in my main pannel. I was suprised when my city inspector told me to replace all the murry Brakers with with "BR" Brakers. I noticed my box did not say murry on it anyware, but asid from the name plate I would say it is identical to one that murray makes.

My pannel is:
catalog# JA110AS model "F"

The lable states that I can only install braker types:
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Your inspector is partly correct.

You must use breakers that have been shown to function correctly in your panel.

Simply because it 'fits' does not mean that it was appropriately tested for functionality.

The types of breaker that were tested for or by the _panel_ manufacturer at the time the panel was designed are listed on the panel label. So the list on the panel is generated by the panel manufacturer.

However you may also use 'UL Classified' replacement breakers as long as that breaker was 'classified' for your panel. This is testing done for or by the breaker manufacturer to determine that it may be used in a given panel. The 'listing' for a classified breaker is generated by the breaker manufacturer.

Finally, I believe that the company Murray _bought_ Crouse-Hinds, and I believe that Murray type MP breakers _are_ Crouse-Hinds type MP breakers.

However, because you are installing breakers that are not officially listed on the panel label, it is up to you to get the necessary documentation to demonstrate that these breakers are in fact acceptable in your panel. You should be able to call Murray and ask them for a document that shows that the breakers are classified for your panel, or that Murray MP breakers are Crouse-Hinds MP breakers, just under a different brand name because of a change of corporate ownership.

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What Winnie said.

This is a technicality actually. With the corporate BS with Crouse Hinds, Murray and others it is hard to tell what was true then and now.
How old is the panel.

IMO the inspector is being overly picky. If the panel is rated for Westinghouse BR series breakers then ANY BR series breaker will fit and function like intended.
I use and stock Cutler-Hammer BR series breakers. I also stock their "Classified" breakers for times when the panel is old or their is a question as to proper fit, etc.
Thing is the classified and standard BR breakers are physically identical.
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Talking im going to chalange the inspector

the box is about 20 years old

I think I am going to mention that murray and crouse-hinds merged. Maby then he will drop it.

I already tried to call Murray but I could not find a working Phone #.

if all else fails. The door to my box may become defective. and if this were to hapen I would have to replace it with a new one. and the new door will have a new label right.
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To throw another wrinkle in this...

You will probably need to call Siemens. I believe they bought Murray.


Compare a Murray and Siemens breaker sometimes. They look IDENTICAL. In fact, the two brands share trademarks.

I'll be very interested in what you find out.

Go to and see where you end up.
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thank you

I followed the link you provided and called the murray phone number. But murray did not answer, insted a helpfull person answered "thanks for calling "semins" they confirmed that they had purchased Murray and asured me that I could use murray brakers in my CROUSE HINDS Box.

thanks for the suport

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