Running a jumper from old box to new box


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Question Running a jumper from old box to new box

I have a question about running a jumper from an old breaker box to a new breaker box. The old box is 100 and the new is 200. I am remodeling a house one room at a time and cannot afford to redo all the electric at once. What size wire do I need to pass inspection? There is about 35' between the two boxes. thanks guys!
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#3 copper conductors.
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Originally Posted by PATTBAA
#3 copper conductors.
I agree, but #4 THHN conductors work too unless locally prohibited.
If it is only "temporary", it's not worth the extra money.

100A CB required in old panel.
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There's a lot of assumptions to your question. May be this will give you some ideas.
If the old panel is no longer in use and you want to feed power into the new panel
You can temporally feed the new panel using a double pole 20 amp breaker with 12 gauge wire.
or mount a GFI receptacle outside the old panel and plug the new panel into that.
The size of the wire and breaker depends how much current you need temporarily feeding your new panel.

Remember safety first ! You need to prevent everyone from coming in contact with your temporary wires 24/7.

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