help replacing thermostat, old house, no labeling


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help replacing thermostat, old house, no labeling

in need of someone who knows colors of wires or way to tell which ones to hook to new honeywell thermostat, most basic one, and the other end is oil boiler for radiators. i have disconeected old one because the heat ran me out even when set on lowest. now have no way to regulate, other than main shut off which can't be good or convienient. thanks
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How was the first one hooked up? Usually the manual that comes with a new one gives step-by-step replacement instructions. Is it 120V or low-voltage? How long ago did you take out the old one? How many wires (of what colors) do you have?
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it is a wrapped wire, old cloth, two yellow and white striped, on red and white striped, one white, this is run down the wall and over to the oil fueled boiler. i have since turned on the heat with manual switch and is working, seems to be regulating itself? (not constantly running). don't know, have never had this type of heating, good but new to me, very old system though.
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The best way is to identify the terminal letters on the old stat...letters like W, Rh, G,B etc. Then the wiring instructions on the new one will tell you where to put those wires.
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The real experts in thermostat wiring hang out over in the HVAC forum, so I'm going to transfer you over there. But it's usually just a matter of matching colors.

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