power from 3 way switches


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power from 3 way switches

I just installed a ceiling fan/light where there was nothing previously, running 14/3 wire to a box that contained a 3-way switch. I didn't want to touch the 3 way switch, partly because I wanted to keep the switched receptables and partly because I'm not sure how to grab power from a 3 way switch. So I put in a double gang box and grabbed power from a junction box in the attic which also supplies power to an intercom system via a transformer. I ran 14/2 wire from the junction box to the new box for my power source and installed a combo fan/light switch. Everything works as expected. However, when I change fan speeds I get a loud popping sound from the intercom. I don't think it's hurting anything but it's annoying and obviously it wasn't a good idea to put the fan and intercom on the same circuit. Unfortunately, there isn't really anything else close by or easy to get to. So is it possible to grab power from the 3 way switch? It's the 2nd switch, with 14/3 coming in and 14/2 going to two receptacles. It seems to me that if I pigtailed the hot wire going into the fan switch into both the black and red wires going into the 3 way switch, that would work. But I think I tried that on a different project a long time ago and it didn't work, which is why I was reluctant to try it again. Is there a right way to do it, or should I just look for another source?
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Look for another source. If you connect the read and black traveler wires of the three way switch then those receptacles will no longer be switched.

Check you wiring from the intercom. You MAY have made a wiring mistake.

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