outlets dead but breaker/GFI not tripped


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Simlar problem

My mother-in-law lost power over thye holidays in her living room outlets,(she had indoor extension cords running christmas lights outside). I thought A fuse must have blown. But after changing it out with a few different ones to be sure. Still no working plug. When I hauled the outlet out, and tested for power the was 120V on the black, I bought a new outlet, still can get power but outlet won't work(either will the other two on the circuit). Do I need to replace all of them or is something else going on?
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I have split your question to a new thread. It's better to start a new thread than to make an existing thread longer with a new question.

You have an open neutral. A neutral wire is disconnected at one of the non-working receptacles or at one of the working receptacles on the circuit.

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