Adding receptacle


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Adding receptacle

I want to run a new receptacle from an already existing one, but all the screws are being used. Can I still add the new one? If so what is the easiest way to gain access to the punch outs in the old box without destroying the drywall?
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what kind of box metal or plastic, nail on or old work or a gem box. take all the wires off the screws and wire nut each color together, adding one extra wire to attach to the outlet. this is pigtailing. how many wires are in there b/c need to consider box fill with the device and conductors. what is the new outlet being used for b/c you must consider the existing load on the circuit and wether or not your adding an outlet for general use or a cord and plug appliance fastened or not in place.
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As tach said, use wire nuts and pigtails to attach additional wires to a receptacle.

Fishing a wire into an already installed box is a challenge. It's usually easier to go into a receptacle box if you come up from below.

Another method is to remove the box, fish your new wire, and then install and use an old work box.
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Thanks to both of you, your info helped a lot.

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