building plans


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building plans

Where can I find a drawing (blueprints) of my house including in it as much information as I can get. Who should I contact for this locally or other etc. Thanks
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This is not an electrical question, but I'll give it a shot.

If your house is old, then these documents probably don't exist. Most builders and architects don't keep this information for too long. If your house is newer, then the information MIGHT be available at either of those two offices.

You might also check with the previous owner (if any).
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If your home isn't too old (3-5 years max) the permitting office might could help you.
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If the house is in a tract, the develper may still have plans, but is not likely to cooperate with you. If the house is recent, the plans may be on file at the building department. They charge moderate fees to locate and copy these for you.

What do you need from the plans? If you expect ANY details about the plumbing, electrical, or mechanical systems : you wont find much on the plans.

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