new fixture, old wiring


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new fixture, old wiring

I have a new sconce I would like to put up on my wall. There is no box, just two wires extending from the wall. Can I simply mount the fixture and ignore the ground wire? How do I know which wire is which since the wires are not white or black?
These lights will be hard wired.
The house is almost 100 years old with a new circuit box and about 70% of the wiring updated. What are the consequences of doing this?
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Unless this sconce has a built in box (and most do not), you will need to add a box. Don't do it without one, it's too dangerous. Once you do install a box, you can ignore the ground wire. Make sure that the sconce is rated for 60 degree wire and does NOT require 90 degree wire.
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Originally Posted by Not too adept
How do I know which wire is which since the wires are not white or black?
You can energize the circuit (turn on the switch or whatever) and test which wire is hot.

But if the insulation is so deteriorated that you can tell white from black, don't you think you should replace it?

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