How do I splice my computer speaker cable properly?


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How do I splice my computer speaker cable properly?

like it says, How do I splice my computer speaker cable properly? I have electrical tape, and scissors. I tried once, then wrapped it in electrical tape and moved it around and it came out for a second but then stopped. then i took the tape off, re-spliced it, and tried it again but nothing. what do i need to do? thanks! --Jared
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Although your post is a bit cofusing, I assume you are trying to splice two wires in a cord to another cord with two wires?
For this project, I would solder the wires, then use shrink tubing to seperate and electrically isolate the connections.
An easier way would be to use insulated crimp-on butt connectors if you can find some small enough.
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no, i'm just splicing 1 cable. it's just the audio cable the goest from the back of your computer to your speaker. my dog chewed it in 2, so now i have to splice them back together
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Hi Jared - You have one cable but it most likely has two conductors. It probably has a center conductor and an outer shield. Look at the end of the cable closely. There should be an insulated conductor surrounded by a braided shield. If this is what you have, you have to splice (solder or crimp) and insulate (tape) each conductor separately. If they touch each other they will be shorted out and the cable won't work.
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Instead of splicing, you could go to Radio Shack and buy a male end and install it on the part that is still connected to the speakers. If the now shorter cord is not long enough to reach, either put a female end on the remaining cable, or just buy an extension cable and use it.

If you do splice, use the heat shrink tubing, not the electrical tape. Just remember to slide it on BEFORE you make the splice. lol

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