Emergency Generator Wiring


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Emergency Generator Wiring

I recently purchased a Honda EU3000is generator for emergency use during hurricanes here in south Florida. I am in the process of making up the power cords to run the different appliances and lights. The questions involve wire gauge and length of runs.

From what I understand, 20 amp circuits require #12 wire. The # 12 wire I find in made up cords show a 15 amp rating. Is this save to use? Are the Two 20 amp outlets on the generator 20 amps each or are they sharing 20 amps on one circuit? I can‘t tell from the generator wiring diagram.

Is #10 wire then correct size for the 30 amp circuit?

Do I need to be concerned with power losses if the length of run is 50 ft. or less?

Thanks for any advice you can give.
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First make a list of what the items that you will be running and what their power requirements are.

More then likely the 12 ga will work.
I think-think they rate them at 15 amps due to heating in side the thick insulation.

Post back with the list.

What's the wattage of the generator ?
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the EU3000 is exactly that. 3000 watts. it's also an inverter. the output is more along the line 20 amps total. honda's claim to fame on the EU series is that two can be piggy backed with a patch cord to give you 6000 watts. it's also a lightweight, very quiet unit targeted toward the camper / recreation market. you can stand next to an EU1000 and hold a normal conversation.
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Originally Posted by GWIZ
I think-think they rate them at 15 amps due to heating in side the thick insulation.
They are rated by the configuration of the molded on corc caps. They can't mark it twenty amperes unless it has twenty ampere cord caps. You can even find ten gage cord that is rated as fifteen ampere because it is fitted with NEMA 5- 15P and NEMA 5-15R cord caps.
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The load should not be a problem. It is the same load, plus a 5 or 6 thousand BTU AC, that I ran with a borrowed 2000 Watt generator last year.

If I understand the answers:

I can use #12 15 AMP wire for the 20 Amp circuits as the female outlets on the generator will accept both 15 and 20 AMP male plugs. This would also lead me to believe the two outlets on the 20 AMP circuit are splitting the available 20 AMPS .

The # 10 Wire should carry the 30 AMP circuit as long as I have a 30 AMP male plug on the generator end and a plug on the other end that will carry the load placed on that outlet.

Am I thinking correctly? If not please let me know before I mess something up.

Thanks to GWIZ, flopshot and hornetd for the information.

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