how many breakers can I add to panel


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how many breakers can I add to panel

I am adding new breakers to my panel, the question I have is how many can I add, if there are open spots then I can use them. and when I add then can I use either 20 amp or 15 thanks
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This depends on the number of circuits the panel is designed to have, what the existing loads are, and what you intend to add.

The largest number of breakers allowed in a panel is 42, but the panel must be designed for it. Your panel should have a label that says how many circuits (breakers) are allowed.

If you have open spaces in your panel you may very well be able to add either standard or piggyback (twin) breakers of whatever size you need. The size of the electric service and the existing loads in the panel make a difference as to what you can add - but NORMALLY you can a couple of 15 or 20 AMP circuits in a house with no problems assuming you have the space.

More info on what you intend to do would be helpful.

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In almost all cases, there are no issues with adding 15-amp or 20-amp breakers in unused spaces in your panel.

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