what goes where?


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what goes where?

Have a two-device box, one double switch (1 for bath vent, 1 for light fixture), one double receptacle. Two 2-wire cables entering box. Cable 1 black wire is hot, cable 2 white is hot. Double switch only works if hot black from cable 1 attached to connecting tab side of switch and both wires from cable 2 are connected to other side of switch. This leaves white neutral from cable 1 dangling in the wind & double receptacle dead in the water. Tried to pigtail first the hot black then the hot white while connecting neutral white. No luck. How can I get both the double switch and the double receptacle to work?
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Originally Posted by stumpedchump
Cable 1 black wire is hot, cable 2 white is hot.
Are you sure that cable 2 white it is not remarked as black? If you are correct, you need to rectify this error once you figure out what the error is.

Based on what you describe, you have no choice but to take down the fan/light and tell us how the wires are connected there.
Don't disconnect anything just yet.

You failed to account for several wires. Is there a red wire also?
The scenario you described is impossible to operate the light and fan separately.

If there is no red wire, you need to re-wire.
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I suspect that the cable with the hot white is a switch loop for the light. The other cable is probably just a power cable for a receptacle.

It would help us if you told us what you started with. You may not be able to do what you want, at least not and stay within code.
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I think we are missing one piece of the puzzle, and that is "How did this box start out in life?" In other words, was this always a double switch and a duplex receptacle, or did it used to be just two switches? If that is the case, you may not have a neutral available for the receptacle. Please clear this up for us.

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