15amp vs 20amp


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15amp vs 20amp

i am rewiring my house and installing a new updated breaker panel. how do you determine the breaker amp size. im runing 12/2 wire. installing 20amp gfci's in bathrooms and kitchen. seperating each room onto its on cicuit is this also good? thanks for any help
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i would seperate overhead lighting from the basic room. an appliance tripping a breaker in the room would kill the lighting. if you ever want to install a standby generator, it would be nice to have as many rooms on one curcuit for some level of lighting. in your scenario, you would eat up breaker spaces on a transfer switch real fast. just a thought
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12 gauge wire 20 amp breaker max.
14 gauge wire 15 amp breaker max.
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You did not say what country you are in. Please provide that information.

Please make sure that you understand the electrical codes where you live. In the US, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms have special rules. Running one circuit room (especially for the kitchen) will result in incorrect wiring which you will have to redo for the inspection.

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