Service Panel upgrade on masonry wall


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Service Panel upgrade on masonry wall

I'm thinking of replacing my FPE service panel for safety reasons and to permit addition of more circuits to the panel (it's currently almost full). By the way the house is from the 1940's and I'm in Phoenix, AZ. The current panel is located on the exterior wall constructed of a combination of solid- and hollow-core concrete block, right near the corner of the house. All conductors to the house are routed through a short run of 2" EMT (and a j-box) directly under the eaves. There is very little height under the eaves and not much width because the panel is crowded between the corner of the house and the meter and service masthead. I don't think that the existing conductors plus the ones I want to add will fit in the single 2" conduit (it's pretty tight as it is), and there's not enough room for another 2" conduit. So, I was wondering if it wouldn't make sense to make a hole (or holes) in the wall to have the conductors run through the back of the panel. Is this feasible or at all common? If run through the wall, would the conductors need to be protected by conduit? I'm sure whatever electrician I have do this will know, but I want to be aware of my options ahead of time. Thanks for any help that can be provided.
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Conductors need to be protected by conduit through the wall.

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