Wiring for two dishwashers in same kitchen ...


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Question Wiring for two dishwashers in same kitchen ...

I just added a second dishwasher into a kitchen ... actually, had contractors do it as part of a renovation.

Looks like the installation was done patching the second dishwasher onto the first dishwasher's electrical connections. Thus, while on a 15 amp, there are two dishwashers hooked to the same circuit. I am concerned about this (haven't tried to run both at same time yet).


-1- Am I right to be concerned?

-2- In terms of 'fix', I've already been proposed that an additional line should be run from the circuit board to the kitchen to support the second dishwasher. This is a significant additional expense that I would like to avoid ...

-- If I can't run the second dishwasher off that same circuit, would it be right to connect the dishwasher to the lines for GFCI plugs in the kitchen (that, I believe, are on a separate circuit from that first dishwasher)?
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1. Yes.
2. This is the proper fix.

You cannot tap the counter top circuits. This violates code. You might consider tapping the disposal circuit.

You might also consider requesting the contractor fix this at their expense. They should never have done this. A good contractor would not have done this, they would have pointed out that it is not a good idea.
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Your dishwashers could be just fine on the same circuit. The dishwasher in my house uses something like 7A max / 3A typical. Two of these on a 20A circuit would be okay. Two on a 15A would be pushing it if they both drew max power at the same time, but I don't think would be huge reason for concern. Check the dishwashers' electrical requriements in the manuals.

If the contractor can show you a satisfactory load calculation for the two dishwashers on the same circuit, then fine. If not, make them do it right and run a new circuit for the dishwasher. You can tap almost any other lightly-loaded circuit to power the dishwasher, but as Bob said you cannot use the kitchen countertop circuit(s) or a bathroom circuit.
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Originally Posted by SiegeAd
Thus, while on a 15 amp, there are two dishwashers hooked to the same circuit.

-1- Am I right to be concerned?
If you haven't already done so, check with the local electrical inspector (assuming the contractor got a permit).

Where I live, local code requires a separate circuit for each dishwasher, although the food grinder and range hood can be on the same circuit.

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