Moving a dryer electrical line


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Question Moving a dryer electrical line

We are moving our dryer to another wall in the laundry room. We don't know if we can splice dryer wire into the existing wire, and then put in a new dryer receptacle. Do you know if there is anything special we have to do, or how to splice dryer wire so we can do this? THANKS.
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Your best bet is to run a new line from the panel to the new location and abandon (or better yet remove) the existing line, although you could leave it in place for a future installation.

Whether or not you can (by code) extend this line depends on whether it is four wire or three wire. If it is four wire than you can extend it. If it three wire than you cannot extend it.

To extend it you install a junction box (if there is not one already there). You run a new line from the junction box to the new junction box for the new receptacle. In the junction box where the two lines meet you wire nut the wires together. You must also ground the box, if it is metal. Finally you install a cover on the junction box. The junction box must remain permanently accessible. You cannot cover it by drywall or bury it inside a wall, ceiling or floor.
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Thanks for the reply. I'm working in a crawl space so it's pretty simple to remove the old line (4 wire) and just run a new one to the new location.
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if its 4 wire just extend the line with a splice box and additonal wire. there is no need to run a new line b/c of the new location. make sure the splice box gets a blank cover and that it is accessible.
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I have to say I agree with re-running the wire. #10 is not the easiest thing to splice for a DIYer and get it right.

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