Wiring 3 wire oven to 6/2 wire


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Wiring 3 wire oven to 6/2 wire

I'm sure my question has been asked before, but how do I wire my new oven to a 6/2 wire? I have black, red, white and ground (I think its green) coming from the oven's flex cable and I'm trying to wire it to my 6/2 wire (black, white, ground). I'm having trouble trying to determine how to do the wiring but I thought I would post my question so I can get some help.

Thanks in advance!

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Follow the oven's installation manual. All ovens come with an installation manual that offers two different connection methods, one for older three-wire circuits and one for newer four-wire circuits. You not only have to make the right connections of the wires, you may have to modify a bonding wire or strap on the oven itself. And you may have to purchase a different cord than the one the oven came with.
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If all you have is actual 6/2; white, black, ground, you CANNOT wire this oven to this cable. You have NO neutral.
Even older 120/240v range/oven circuits still required a neutral. It's just that they were allowed to bond the applaince's ground to the neutral.

For the oven you have, you MUST run a new 4-wire circuit to it. You really have no choice.

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