Disposal Receptacle Question


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Question Disposal Receptacle Question

I have a receptacle under the sink where the garbage disposal is pluged into. There's a switch over the sink that powers it on when needed. I've added a hot water dispenser under the sink and it also needs to be plugged in.

Is there a way to re-wire the receptacle so that the plug that has the disposal is controlled by the switch and the other plug in the receptacle is always hot for the hot water dispenser? Or, is there a way to add another receptacle coming off the first one so it stays hot all the time?

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This may or may not be possible. It depends on the present wiring. If power goes to the receptacle first and then to then a switch loop goes to the switch then this could be done. If, however, power goes to the switch first then this cannot be done without rewiring.

However, this is not a good idea. If this were my house I would run a new circuit for the hot water dispenser.
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It does go to the switch first and the receptacle is at the end. Thank's for your advise - I will have a new line put in.

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Or you could use a pnuematic switch (around $50 at Lowe's) for the waste disposal. Remover the switch, connect the two wires going to the switch together with a wire nut and put a blank cover on it. The receptacle will now be always hot. Plug the hot water dispenser into one of the duplex receptacles and plug the pneumatic switch into the other. You will have to figure out a place to mount the pushbutton.
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Have you checked to see if BOTH sides of the receptacle are switched? The best way to install this is so that one side is always hot. This may or may not be the the case on yours.
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Another possibility is to use a 3-way switch. When the switch is in the down position, it feeds power to the half of the receptacle where the water heater is plugged in. When the switch is in the up position, it feeds power to the half of the receptacle where the disposal is plugged in. This will automatically turn off the water heater whenever you run the disposal.

Of course, this depends on what else might be on the circuit, what size the circuit it, and what the power needs of the water heater are.
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Thank you for your suggestions - I will let you know the outcome.


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