ceiling fan rigged to back of outlet help


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ceiling fan rigged to back of outlet help

i have a ceiling fan that has the wires running on the outside of the wall and down into the outlet. the metal tube runs across the celing and down the wall.....looks so tacky. would like to know if i can just take the wires out of this metal tubing and cut the ceiling and wall and just stick the wires in the holes , spackel over it and be done......looking at the the way the wires come out of the end of this tube into the inside of the box and connect to the back of the recepticle, was this wired correctly? also the receptical is up side down was this done for a reason? i have a light switch on the other wall that controls the night table light, could the fan be wired to that light switch or should the wire be run to an outlet like it is now? ok last question, what is the easiest way to get rid of the ugly tubing running down my wall.....thanks so much
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ooceaneyes, Welcome to the DIY Forums.
I moved your post here for a better answer. It concerns electrical and codes more than being a fan question. Good luck.
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Here's a couple of problems:

I gather that the wire now connecting the fan is just lamp cord. First, it is not code to just "stick" this into the box from the front and hardwire. Second, this type of wire is not allowed to be run through the walls and ceilings. You must use approved type like Romex cable, or THHN wires in conduit.

The difficulty in getting from the fan, across the ceiling, and down the walls is your ceiling joists and wall plates, and possible fire block in the wall. This can be done, and is done routinely. But it does involve some cutting into th ceiling and walls.
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You don't specify the wire type. If NM cable is legal in your area, and if this is NM cable then you can put it into the walls. It may take several holes in the right places to accomplish this. Other types of wire are legal, but NM is the easiest if it allowed. Some types of wire, THHN/THWN, for example, must be run inside conduit. Conduit for these wires can be run inside the walls or along the walls. There is also decorative types (Wiremold is one name brand) that can be run along the walls.

There is no such thins as an upside down receptacle, as there is no right side or wrong side up. I take it you mean this receptacle is rotated 180 degrees from the others. This is sometimes done to signify a switched receptacle. It is also sometimes done because some item plugged in has a cord with a right angle plug, and it is desired to have the cord running down from the receptacle rather than running up from the receptacle.

Whether you could run the fan off the existing witch depends on the wiring at the switch. If you are only installing a fan (no light) then you need to leave the switch controlling the receptacle that it presently controls, but you can add to it.

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