Low voltage lighting outlet? For outdoors...


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Question Low voltage lighting outlet? For outdoors...

Hi, we moved to a new house and want to add some basic low voltage lighting around the flowerbeds. The problem is the only outlet we have is located on the porch, we donít want to have to run the lights & timer from an extension cord, or have the box sitting right by the door. Plus we use both outlets most of the time (for lawn work - seasonal lighting etc.).

Is there anyway we can add an outlet that will be more in a hidden location (like inthe flowerbeds)?
The house frames the beds, mayeb we could drill a hole int he wall near an inside outlet and create and outside outlet from the same wiring?? LOL I don't know I gues you have to deal w/ sheetrock, brick, and insulation etc. then?

Hubby is familiar w/ electricís, so hes not going to get killed doing this or anything

Thank you for your help, Susie
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Welcome, Susie.

Why not put the apparatus in the basement, poke the cable(s) out through the wall and bury it from there to the garden?
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You didn't say where you are located. I am going to assume US. If you are not in the US then y answers may not be correct.

Yes, you can place a receptacle on the outside wall of your house. Whether you can pull power from an inside receptacle or not depends on what the inside receptacle is for. If it's a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry then you can't tap it.

You an always run a new receptacle from your panel.

A receptacle on the outside wall of your house must be a GFCI receptacle (or be GFCI protected) and must have an in use cover. You also need to be concerned with sealing around the box so no moisture gets inside.
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if you know about low voltage lighting or not i dont know. i will say depending on some factors like size of transformer, number of lights and the distance the wire is run they can be dimmer than what most people expect. i have done many jobs ripping out low voltage outdoor lighting that a homeowner installed to install line voltage lighting in its place.
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Hey - thanks for your help (o:

We are in Texas, we dont have many basements around here (o: but that would have been an easy way if we did

I'm happy we dont have to hire someone that will cost more than the lights... altho I will look into the line voltage lighting, thanks for the tip.

Rock on guys and thanks again!

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