Electric Stove Outlet


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Electric Stove Outlet

We need to move our electric stove outlet (to accomodate new kitchen cupboards) is it safe / legal to install a junction box (not sure if this is what it's called) and simply connect additional wiring so we can move the outlet? Any help would be appreciated.
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If the existing wiring is four wire then yes, you can extend the wiring by installing a junction box, as long as the junction box remains permanently accessible. It may NOT be covered by the cupboards themselves.

If the wiring is older three wire then you cannot extend it, you must re-wire.

Unless it is extremely difficult to rewire, I would recommend you avoid a junction box. Every junction is a potential failure point.
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Not covering the junction box with the cupboards, is this a safety issue?
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The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires all splices be accessable. This means, as defined by the code, that no permanent part of the structure can cover a j-box if it would need to be removed to provide access. You could move the box to a basement, crawl space, or attic depending on how the existing wire runs. Or, you could cut the cabinet so that the box is accessable through the back. Or, as has been suggested, you can run a new cable. This is by far and away the best suggestion.

The code prohibits extending ungrounded circuits which means if you only have a 3 wire cable, black, red, and white - or bare, but not both, it can't be extended.

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