GFCI with only 1 set of wires?


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GFCI with only 1 set of wires?

Does this sound right? I have a GFCI in my bathroom. I'm having problems with the circuit its on, so I pulled it out to look at it the other night. It only has one black, one white and the ground wires going into it... there are plenty of other wires behind it in the wall, capped, (two with just elec tape on them) but nothing else connected to the receptacle.

From what I've read of other people and their GFCI's this sounds odd...

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That is one of many valid installations for a GFCI receptacle; make sure that the wires connect to the LINE side of the GFCI receptacle!

Wires connected with just tape, however are not correct (anymore). If your house is 50 years old or more, then you could have wires that are just twisted and taped or perhaps crimped. These connections should be re-made with wirenuts if you do any work on the circuit. Loose connections are a very common problem with bathroom circuits, and re-making these taped connections with wirenuts could fix your problem.
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Oh, that means the GFCI is on the end of the line hmm? If I had 4 wires two would go on load?



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You would only use the LOAD terminals if you wanted to provide downstream protection for the rest of the circuit.

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