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Question Junction box

I need to do some work in my living room-- Move the location of a ceiling fixture. I would like to hide the box were the fixture was hanging, by reseting it higher on the beam and sealing it with a blank face plate, so that I can patch the hole with drywall and not see a blank plate in the ceiling. It will now become a junction box where I will run wiring to my new location. So, the question is does this box need to accessible, eventhough the wires will be wire nutted, taped and covered with a plate.

Thanks for your help on my first post!!!
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All junction boxes need to remain accessible. You are not allowed to cover them with drywall.
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If you use a blank cover plate of nearly the same color as the ceiling (you can even paint it if you want), it will be barely noticeable. You many notice it for the first few weeks, but you'll never see it again after that.

Or, if there is an accessible attic above this room, you can flip it over and point it up and put the blank cover plate on and make it accessible from the attic. I suggest you move it up enough to make it visible over the insulation.

If neither of these suits you, you can replace the cable all the way back to whatever box it came from. This may necessitate some drywall removal and repair, but you were already planning to do that anyway. Repairing a large hole is usually no more difficult than repairing a small one. Repainting is always the hard part of drywall repair anyway.
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Thanks for your help in this matter. It looks like I need to run a new wire from the source.

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