Can I tap into this 20 amp line with a junction

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20 Amp 12-2 Line Running To Garage, Can I Splice This With A Junction.?

Good Evening Everybody,
I installed a 20 amp breaker in a empty spot in my 100 amp box this past summer and ran a 20 amp 12-2 line to my garage which did not have any electric. I would like to know if I am allowed to cut that 20 amp line in half in my basement put in a junction box and run a few lights and outlets off of the line. I know nothing about wiring codes or anything so I am not sure if this is ok or not or if so anything special I need to do.

Thank You,


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Originally Posted by mppanj12
I know nothing about wiring codes or anything
The answer is probably. But this statement means you'll still be hiring an electrician, right?
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No I would not be hiring a electrician since I have wired my entire home, besides I took the elementary electrical test the city provides and got my permission card. Wiring is pretty darn simple, I figure it's against code since a garage is probably supposed to have a dedicated line. Why, is it a hazard or just a bunch of board members making codes just to make codes. That is what I am wondering is there a reason that I should not junction the garage line and run half of my basement off of it.


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Thumbs down what's the logic here?

You'll need to get about 8" of slack cable to be able to add a box.

Doing so means that less power is available at the garage. So I find it silly to break a working run to a remote location just to add lights right there in the basement.

How hard could it be just to add another circuit for the basement?
Why make it more likely that you will blow the breaker while working in your garage if someone is in the basement?

I like basement lights on a circuit with no receptacles.
That way if you blow a breaker, you still have lights to see the breaker panel!

I wouldn't want to be working in your basement while you are in the garage.
You might blow the breaker, leave me in the dark, and that would be dangerous.
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Thats what Im saying I know nothing about logic, codes, common sense or anything else. Thank you thus far, next garage tap seems stupid, got it. I have no more breakers they are all taken up, how about my 20 amp 12-2 washer line, it is a dedicated line for the washer, dunno why I did it at the time but I think someone told me to. Can I run the basement off of this line ya think, does a washer really need a dedicated line. And guys Im not talking about a new house here im talking about a 80 year old 1,000 sq ft home, no long runs or anything.


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Can your box take a double breaker? You could add another circuit from the service panel that way.
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My box is tapped out.
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Originally Posted by mppanj12
"I know nothing about wiring codes or anything...."

"Wiring is pretty darn simple,"

"Why, is it a hazard or just a bunch of board members making codes just to make codes."

"...dunno why I did it at the time but I think someone told me to."
I don't know, but do these quotes scare anyone else???
Sorry mppanj12, no offense, but you do not seem like anyone who should be doing electrical work.
You seem like the classic "As long as it works codes don't matter that much" kind of person.

Yes actually, twising wires is pretty darn simple. Knowing what you are doing and why is NOT.
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Well thanks for nothing then, I asked a simple question on this board only to be critisized by people who patrol these boards. Nevermind then I will not check back to this board anymore and I'll go find a board where somebody actually knows something.

Thanks For Nothing
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There's obviously no point in continuing this most bizarre thread.
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