help with # of breakers


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help with # of breakers

i have a cutler hammer sub panel..(br816l125sdp) is a 125amp,100 amp in new york city(my location)...this was installed by liscenced electrician..(60 amp feed from main panel) has 8 slots for breakers,and currently has 5 singles,and 3 doubles,1 double i added myself for attic fan and lighting in attic...i looked on the label on panel door,and it tells type of breakers,and has diagram on inside panel,showing A and B..lugs from main panel 60 amp breaker feed,the show breakers slot number 1-16...does this mean i can safely have all twin breakers in this panel...
reason im asking,i would like to update my basement kitchen and bath,meaning i would have to add three new lines...1 for bathroom outlet,one for refrigartor,and one on counter top...and also would like to add additional one for microwave..sister is coming to stay with me for a while and will be using basement...everything now in basement is hooked up presently to sub panel,so there will be no additional current draw,other then small microwave ,i just want to break up lines up to code and safety,espically refridge is on with other outlets through out the basement,wiring was done about 25-30 years ago ...thanks for the help...
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Yes, you can all all twin breakers. You have an 8-space, 16-circuit panel (as indicated by the "816" in the model number).

By the way, a "small microwave" is not a "small" power draw, so dedicating a circuit to it is a good idea. Your plan sounds good.
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thanks john i had no idea 8/16 stood for that...thanks again .george

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