Electric motor for home dryer


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Electric motor for home dryer


I've got a question on electric motors. I've been having trouble with my clthing dryer for a while. I've tried a number of things, and now suspect it may be the electric motor. When I try to engage the dryer all I hear is a slight buzzing sound. I even got all the way down to the motor, where I removed the dryer barrel belt and tried running the motor again, and still all I saw was the motor move and then stop (along with the buzz.) Any ideas? Does anyone know I can test if the motor really is bad? I know I can buy a replacement at the shop, but it is non-refundable so I'd rather not purchase it if it doesn't fix the problem.


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Most appliance motors these days aren't serviceable - they're glued together, among other things. So, about all you can do is check the motor. Remove it from the dryer completely and inspect to see if it might be full of lint. Then take the pully and try to move it up, down, and side to side. Finally, see if the motor spins freely. Listen for any grinding noises as the motor is spun.

If the shaft the pully is on has any play to the side in any position the bearing is bad. You also have a problem if it moves front to back a lot.

NORMALLY when you see a motor start to spin then quit it is a bearing problem. I suspect this anyway because a stalled motor won't make a lot of noise but one that has a worn bearing that allows the rotor to contact the field iron buzzes like crazy
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