Rewire a home.


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Rewire a home.

Sort of a followup on my last post, and more to further my education...

How easily can electricians these days rewire a home without tearing down walls, floors and ceilings. Do they have ways to non-intrusivly rewire a home? Less agressive, modern yet equally as efficient and safe? Can it be done without a wrecking ball?

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The answer to your question depends on many factors. Is this a single story house? Is there an unfinished basement or crawl space below the first floor? Is there an unfinished attic or crawl space above the top floor? Are there many overhead lights and/or fans in place, or do you want many added.

A good electrician can usually eliminate much of the destruction you fear. However, they are not miracle workers and sometimes some holes are necessary. Be warned though, sometimes the expense of not making holes exceeds the expense of repairing those same holes. For example, running wire the long way (to avoid making a hole in the wall) takes more wire and takes more time.

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