door bell replacement


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door bell replacement

I replaced a doorbell that was not working on both doors. Worked on only one. I checked power supply to the old one and everything was ok. (3 wire F, T, B) After installing the new one iit would not work. I am getting power to the new one on all 3 wires ok. I started looking and the transformer is a 24V only transformer. I checked the old Door Bell and It calls for a 16V, and the new one also calls for a 16 V transformer. Could the 24V transformer be to much V for these and I'm wondering if that was what ruined the old door bell.
Thanks ahead for any help you can give me.
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The fact that the transformer is 24 volts is probably not the source of your problem.

When people say that they replaced the "doorbell", I can never tell whether they replaced the button out on the porch, or the chime unit in the hallway. Which one did you replace? It sounds like you replaced the chime. If so, did you replace it with a simple chime, or a fancy chime? Is it electronic or mechanical?

Although the 24V is probably not your problem, the transformer may not be putting out enough watts. Look at the transformer to see if it is a 10va unit, a 20va unit, or a 30va unit. Then look at the specs for your chime unit and see how much power (in volt-amps or watts) it takes. If you have more than one chime unit, add them all together.

An experiment you can try it to take your chime unit to whereever the transformer is. Connect it directly to the transformer (by momentarily touching the wires directly to the transformer output). If it doesn't ring, then either the transformer or the chime unit is bad.

When you buy a new transformer, get a 16V one, and consider buying a 20va or 30va one.
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Check your wiring. One wire from the transformer goes to the "T" terminal. The other transformer wire is spliced to one front door wire and one rear door wire. The second front door wire goes to the "F" terminal and the second rear door wire goes to the "R" terminal. If the wiring is correct, then check the push buttons. They are usually the weakest link.
Normally 24 volts should give a louder "voice" to the chime. The only problem comes if there is a short in the wiring or push buttons. The continuous power can cause the solenoids in the chime to break down causing failure of the chime.
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Thanks for the reply all. I picked up another new unit and a 16V Transformer and bech tested the first new one with the 16V T and it would not work. Then I tested the one I just picked up and it worked so I installed it along with the 16V Trans. and everything is ok now. So I am taking the first new one I bought back for a refund. Evidently the problem was with the first new one I bought but I went ahead and changed the 24V Transformer to the 16V any way.
Thanks again for your replys.

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