I'm so mad at myself


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I'm so mad at myself

I was taking off a whether cover on my out side outlet of my moble home to put on a closed cover for a drop cord. There was some dead fire ants in side and I took my sqrew driver to get them out and I hit the ground wire and it sparked. I tried the outlet to see if it would work and it wouldn't. So I replaced the old one with a new one and it still will not work. Can you please help me.
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Most likely you tripped the breaker or blew the fuse. Check your breaker or fuse box.

If you have a breaker box, turn the breaker off, then on.
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An outside receptacle may also be GFCI protected, so look for a GFCI to reset, perhaps at another outside receptacle.

If it's not a GFCI and it's not a blown fuse/tripped breaker, then start looking for an open circuit somewhere.

And remember next time, don't stick a screwdriver into a live junction box.
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Originally Posted by kayr
I replaced the old one with a new one and it still will not work.
I wonder why you thought you wouldn't get electrocuted when you changed the outlet.

I bet you got one of those 59¢ devices as a replacement. Did you get one pre-energized with electricity?
If not, I'm sure you see why it is necessary to figure out how to get electricity to the new receptacle.

Your old receptacle was probably fine. Next time you are cleaning a box, use a plastic tool like a crevice wand hooked to a running vacuum sweeper.

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